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Wedding Photographer Amalfi Coast

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Angelo Belvedere, a professional photographer. My specialty is weddings, and my mission is to capture the true essence and love that characterize the most meaningful day of your existence in a single shot. Many attribute to me the merit of having transformed the family photographic business into the largest studio in Italy and having established a solid reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in the Amalfi Coast.

These results are the fruit of my constant commitment to excellence and meticulous observation of details, characteristics that have allowed me to create spectacular images that customers love and cherish for a lifetime.

The images I capture speak for themselves, expressing sincerity through spontaneity, enriched by a touch of creativity whose maximum eloquence emerges in the presence of genuine love. For this reason, over my twenty-year career, I decided to completely modify my methodology and dedicate myself exclusively to each of my clients. I am fully aware of the value of every single moment of your wedding, so my work consists of capturing every smile, every tear of happiness, and every moment full of emotions, immersing myself completely in the story of your love, paying careful attention to the details that make your special day unique.

My photographic style for weddings is discreet and extremely respectful, allowing you to live every moment in complete freedom without feeling observed. By combining candid shots with artistic poses, I create a visual narrative that describes your love story sincerely and without artifice.

In addition to pure photographic technique, I am appreciated in the sector for my ability to put people at ease in front of the camera. I understand that your special day can be a source of stress, which is why I strive to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment, allowing you to be yourselves and enjoy every moment without worries.

Wedding photographer services in Amalfi Coast

On your wedding day, I offer a service which includes:

  • Customizable album 30×80
  • 2 mini albums 15×40
  • Pendrive with all the photos
  • Video of the entire event

In addition, a series of personalized extra services are available to meet all your individual needs:

  • Drone shooting: aerial shots allow you to narrate your most beautiful day from unique and different angles, retracing every moment from various perspectives.
  • Pre-wedding service: the pre-wedding offers the couple the opportunity to narrate their love story, to tell what they were and what led them to become husband and wife.
  • Photobooth: a fun and unique way to give your guests a personal memento in reportage style. The prints will be delivered at the end of the event and thanks to the QR code, they can be downloaded directly to their smartphones.
  • Video projection: An emotional summary of a day full of feelings, expressed through a video projection.
  • Classic photo with guests: traditional group photos at the reception make all guests protagonists of the big day, including the elderly or reserved ones.
  • Post-wedding: Often the newlyweds want to have photos in places far from their wedding location, incompatible with the timing of the day. The post-wedding service allows for unique and singular photos, capable of preserving unique and unrepeatable emotions.
  • Social wedding: Weddings are increasingly social, and this service will give you the opportunity to share every moment of your big event in real time, keeping up with a 2.0 wedding.
  • Double team: Organizing a perfect and punctual wedding timeline is not easy, especially when the groom and bride are getting ready in distant places. This is where our X2 team comes into play, which will carefully manage both sides, completely relieving you of the stress of preparation.

In addition to this, I offer my clients the possibility to create an extraordinary wedding album that will become a true family treasure. Each page will be carefully crafted, combining professionalism with the use of high-quality materials to tell your story in a unique and engaging way, and to give shape to your dreams thanks to world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm of Made in Italy. The album will be delivered inside a luxury box, which will contain two pen drives and two QR codes that will preserve your emotions in a design object thanks to its elegant yet simple packaging.

I invite you to take a virtual journey through the art of my photography by visiting the “”Portfolio”” section of my website. There, you will experience the intensity of my photographic style and my unique approach to wedding photography, experiencing the depth of emotions captured in every ceremony that I have had the honor of documenting. Also, you can read the comments of my clients and see firsthand the enchantment that the weddings I photographed have left in their hearts.

Choosing me as your wedding photographer means choosing an artisan who will passionately and dedicatedly shape your dreams and aspirations, transforming them into marvelous images. Do not allow the precious moments of your special day to vanish into oblivion, let me immortalize them for you, giving you priceless memories that will defy the passage of time.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your wishes and expectations for your unique day, and to arrange a meeting at my studio. This is the place where my commitment to exclusivity begins: the studio where I will be pleased to welcome you, listen to your love story, and introduce you to the Video Team that collaborates with me in our cinema room, where together we can outline and shape your awaited ceremony.

After our meeting, I will be happy to offer you a tailor-made photographic service, designed to meet your needs and desires, and to stand by you on your most beautiful day to immortalize every unforgettable moment of your wedding.

I await you in my photographic studio in Naples, at 13, Giacomo Matteotti Street, Crispano (NA). It is there that I will have the pleasure of listening and getting to know the story of your great love, to then narrate it through my photographs.


How many wedding photos will we receive?

There is no one-size-fits-all criterion. Our goal is not to set a fixed quantity, but to determine the appropriate volume that would describe your day in a detailed and meaningful way. As a general rule, for a full wedding event, the number fluctuates around a thousand (often even more!), all of which are of course optimal, high-definition and sorted into directories.

I’m not used to being photographed, how can you help me?

Very few people are comfortable in front of a camera, so you should not worry. I can assure you that it’s normal and during your wedding, I will work in a discreet and gentle manner, so that you will quickly get used to the click of the camera and my presence.

How many photos will be taken during the wedding?

During a wedding ceremony, I take a generous amount of photos. After filtering and refining them, you will have a selection of 300-400 images, which will serve as a visual narrative of your special day. My main goal is not to produce an excessive number of photos, but to use my artistic perception to capture the key moments of that unforgettable day through a limited but significant number of images.

How long before the wedding do we need to get in touch with you?

This question doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer: ideally, it would be perfect to contact me between 6 and 8 months before the wedding date, so as not to risk me being unavailable for that day.