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Wedding Photographer Naples

Hello, I’m Angelo Belvedere, a wedding photographer specializing in capturing the authentic essence and love surrounding the most important day of your life, using different styles and approaches.

My photography tells the truth by capturing spontaneity with an artistic touch, finding its maximum expression in front of genuine love. That’s why, after 20 years in the industry, I felt the need for a complete change in approach, dedicating myself exclusively to each of my clients.

Many credit me for bringing the family photography studio to become the largest in Italy and building a solid reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in Naples.

This is a result of my dedication to excellence and attention to detail, which has allowed me to create extraordinary images that clients love and cherish for a lifetime.

I am fully aware of the importance of every single moment of your wedding. That’s why my work is based on capturing every smile, every tear of joy, and every emotional moment, immersing myself completely in the story of your love, and observing the unique details that make your special day unforgettable.

My approach to wedding photography is discreet and non-invasive, allowing you to fully experience every moment without feeling observed. By combining spontaneous shots with artistic poses, I create a visual narrative that authentically tells your love story without artifice.

Beyond my technical skills, I am praised in the industry for my ability to put people at ease in front of the camera. I understand that your special day can be somewhat stressful, which is why I put a lot of effort into creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment, allowing you to be yourselves and savor every moment without worries.

Regarding my services on the day of your wedding, I offer a package that includes:

  • A 30×80 album of your choice
  • 2 mini albums (15×40)
  • USB drive with photo files
  • Video coverage of the entire event

Additionally, a variety of extra personalized services are available to meet any of your individual needs:

  • Drone: Capturing your special day from different perspectives and angles, providing unique aerial footage that adds depth and excitement to your wedding album.
  • Pre-wedding: A chance for the couple to tell their love story, capturing the moments and experiences that led them to become husband and wife.
  • Photobooth: A unique way to provide your guests with personalized, reportage-style photo souvenirs. Prints will be delivered at the end of the event, and guests can also download them on their smartphones using QR codes.
  • Video Projection: A dynamic and touching summary of your emotional day, presented through a video projection that beautifully expresses all the meaningful moments.
  • Classic Group Photos with Guests: Including all your guests, even the elderly or more reserved ones, in the traditional group photos during the reception, making everyone feel like a part of the special day.
  • Post-Wedding: Often, couples have the desire to have photos taken at locations away from the wedding venue, which may not be feasible during the wedding day. The post-wedding session allows us to capture unique and extraordinary photos in a relaxed atmosphere, preserving unforgettable moments.
  • Social Wedding: As weddings become more social, this service allows you to share every moment of your special event in real-time, keeping up with the trend of a digital wedding experience.
  • Double Team: Organizing a perfect and punctual wedding timeline is not easy, especially when the bride and groom are getting ready at separate locations. That’s where our X2 team comes in, taking care of both sides and relieving them of the stress of preparation.

What does a Naples wedding photographer do

However, my work doesn’t stop at the wedding day. After capturing the shots, I utilize my post-production skills to create images that are true works of art. Each photograph is carefully retouched, ensuring that every detail is perfect, from color correction to exposure adjustment, and adding unique effects that add a touch of magic to your photos.

Furthermore, I offer my clients the opportunity to create an extraordinary wedding album that will become a true family treasure. Each page is carefully crafted, combining professionalism with the search for high-quality materials to tell your story in a unique and engaging way, and to shape your dreams thanks to world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm of Made in Italy. The album is presented in a luxury box, containing two USB drives and two QR codes that preserve your emotions in an object of art, with precious yet simple packaging.

To witness firsthand how I work, I encourage you to explore the “”Portfolio”” section of my website. There, you can immerse yourself in my approach to wedding photography, appreciate the beauty and emotion of each event I have had the opportunity to capture, and read testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced unforgettable weddings.

Choosing me as your wedding photographer means relying on a passionate professional who can bring your dreams and desires to life through the magic of images. Don’t let the precious moments of your special day fade away over time—let me capture them for you, providing memories that will last forever.

Please feel free to contact me everyday to discuss all your desires and expectations for your special day. We can arrange a meeting at my photography boutique in Naples, located at Via Giacomo Matteotti 13, Crispano (NA). This will allow me to listen to and learn about your unique love story, and together we can create a personalized package that meets your needs. My concept of exclusivity begins right here, in my studio, where I will be ready to welcome you, listen to your story, and introduce you to the video team working in our cinema room, where you can view and build a prototype of your long-awaited special event.

After getting to know each other, I’ll be delighted to capture every unforgettable moment of your wedding day by your side.

I look forward to welcoming you to my photography boutique in Naples. Let’s meet, and I will listen to and learn about the story of your true love, which I will then narrate through my shots.


How long will you stay at the wedding?

We usually work late into the night, as long as there are still moments to capture and stories to tell. When we are sure that we have collected all the necessary material and even more to document the whole day, we will approach you to see if you still have any final request or wish. We will gladly answer your request and we will greet you and your loved ones.

What is the total cost of the photo shoot?

The amount depends entirely on the type of service chosen, which will be customized according to your needs and wishes. We have created several extra services specifically designed to meet any need, taking into account the most frequent requests we have received from the spouses who have preceded you.

Who will take care of the choice of photos to be included in the wedding album?

Just you, no one else! Only you can locate your favorite shots like no other.

Is it possible to meet before the wedding?

Absolutely yes, indeed: it is essential to meet before the wedding. The meeting will be completely without commitment, inform and quiet and we will use the time together to get to know each other, listen to your story and your plans, needs and desires for the wedding day.